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25 juli, 2017

The Hottest Five Lingerie Brands

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If you are a woman who adores lingerie, you must take a number of factors into account when lingerie it. Just buying clothes on a whim is one of the worst mistakes you can make, so take your time to consider just what style of lingerie online shopping would really suit you. Men must also take these factors into account when buying lingerie for their beloved ones. Here we have discussed about the top five brands of lingerie in order to help you out with your shopping dilemmas.

5. Victoria’s Secret

While extremely well-known, Victoria’s secret is a vastly overrated lingerie brand. Their product range is quite diverse, but aimed toward people with narrower budgets. If you intend to buy from Victoria’s Secret, it is advisable that you buy something that is more suited for everyday wear, yet looks attractive. They have hundreds of outlets and even sell their products over the internet. They have numerous special offers during the year, and hold a special annual sale in January.

4. La Perla

While not remarkably popular, La Perla lingerie is nevertheless a brand revered by women of good taste due to its exotic nature and exquisite quality. An Italian brand, La Perla manufactures some the most sensuous and romantic lingerie in the world. Their product ranges cater to both everyday needs and special occasions. In the United States, La Perla items can be purchased online at While they do not come cheap, they more than compensate for the price with their quality.

3. Spoylt

Spoylt embodies the very definition of sexiness. One of the more fashionable and expensive ranges of lingerie and nightwear, Spoylt comes in lush colours and designs sporting lace and bows which men find irresistible. When it comes to special occasions or hot dates, very few things could be better than Spoylt lingerie. Spoylt holds frequent sales, allowing people with smaller budgets to purchase this expensive brand of lingerie. Spoylt lingerie can be purchased at many department stores or online from

2. Frederick’s of Hollywood

Frederick’s of Hollywood may not be pricey, but manages to remain unique all the same with its huge range of extravagant products for every possible occasion. Many of its products may seem gaudy, but they are of reasonably high quality and are fun to wear and to look at. They are also reasonably priced, and you can get more for less, without having to worry about inferior quality. Their products can be purchased online from Frederick’s of Hollywood often holds sales and specials, so keep an eye out for those great offers.

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